Don Butman has enjoyed building and flying model airplanes for over 60 years.

An enthusiastic model airplane builder, Don has belonged to several flying clubs and has judged airplane models throughout his life.

Don built his early models during the Jim Walker Fireball control line days.  He continued to enjoy model building through his childhood, and flew many different radio control (R/C) models throughout the 1970's and 80's.

Being an avid model builder and flyer, Don became a nationally recognized Judge.  Don has been acknowledged as a competent and fair judge at many Model Airplane and RC tournaments and has only just recently retired from judging activities.

Don most enjoys building peanut scale model aircrafts made of balsa wood, usually starting from plans or scaled drawings.  Don has built a wide variety of peanut scale and No-cal models which are rubberband or CO2 powered.  Don often designs and creates one-of-a-kind aircraft, and sometimes offers his model aircraft for sale.

Don Butman has won numerous awards for his designs and flying models which he builds to great detail.  All aircraft are built with custom paint, and include cockpit and pilot detail.  Don also has a large collection of trophies noting memorable flights of his home-built models.

Don's present hobby is building and flying rubberband powered aircraft, and he gets together with several other flyers through his Club affiliations.  Don enjoys flying model aircraft inside auditorium facilities and in outdoor settings with his many aviator friends.

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