• Peanut Scale is a model airplane with a 13" wing span.
  • Models are built of balsa wood and covered with thin tissue paper.
  • Some planes are created from larger models with paper plans scaled down.
  • Planes are usually powered by rubberband.
  • Oftentimes, the planes are hand-crafted and signed becoming one-of-a-kind.

  • Stand-Off Scale was introduced as a scale model competition class.
  • Any model aircraft in any scale can be included in this class.
  • Judges "stand off" from the model and judge the plane at a distance of 15 feet.


  • U-Control planes are motorized by an on-board electric or gas-powered engine.
  • These aircraft can be of almost any scale.
  • Flight is controlled with wires attached to the end of one wing. 
  • The wires connect to a handle so the flyer can control the plane.
  • An experienced flyer can maneuver the motorized plane through loops & swirls.
  • As the engine runs, the plane is guided in a virtual circle. 
  • The operator usually walks in a circle controlling the aircraft in flight.
  • Caution!  You may get dizzy by the time the engine runs out of power!


  • The Radio-Control airplane category includes all types of model aircraft.
  • The airplanes are typically powered by an on-board gas or electric engine.
  • The aircraft is controlled through radio transmissions using a hand-held device.
  • The operator can be located anywhere within range of the transmission.
  • A skilled operator can control the aircraft through spins and level flight.

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